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Once upon a time there was a german guy who, for the love of a lady and her dog, came from the north of Germany to the south of Portugal, very close to the end of the world.

Now, at that time at the end of the world, there was no good beer to have and then this guy started making beer first at home, then in the garden, then in the garage. He won some prizes that opened the doors to the brewery world, the recipes, praise, and thirst multiplied! In northern Germany, Stefan was a psychologist-mania-treator, but in southern Portugal, he decided to be a creator and spreader of MAN!As. After two years camping in the brewery of a very marafadian friend, Stefan decided to set up his own brewery, which was ready to go even in the middle of an invasion of an evil virus and the world turned upside down. But, even with legs in the air, ahead is the way and TEAM MANIA will create many beers and be happy - and manic - forever!

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